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Me presenting at Tour de Fruit, JS, May 2022
Cidre for distillation outside of the cidrerie, JS, May 2022
Cidre for distillation close up JS, May 2022

We have done a short business trip to Normandie and later on to Saumur. First part was to prepare some stock for sale and cave cidricole for distillation which included making some place for newly bought tonneaus/barrels. Later part was dedicated to promotion of our cider products, we have participated at the "Tour de Fruit", cider dedicated event organized by Côme Isambert. The trip was bit stressful, I wish we had more time but alas with both of us working in gastronomy with the summer season approaching we did what we could. Still we shared some nice moments and it was worth of it, looking forward to the next one!