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CiderShow 2023, Prague

Some of you got already Cidrerie Jara News Letter, for the ones who did not yet, here is the online version. The info is quite self explaining so enjoy! Currently we are starting to open the markets in the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Denmark. Our online shop is not yet on but fingers crossed it should be running before the end of the week, at least the test version. Some of you met us at the CiderShow 2023 in Prague, biggest cider event in Czech Republic which was postponed for three years because of the pandemic. It was really nice, first time we met colleagues cider makers in the country, thanks for showing up it was quite a crowd ! It makes us happy to say that our ciders were at the center of the attention in a good way. There were just two other makers using bitter and bitter-sweet cider apples, which makes a huge difference compared to the sweet and acidic varieties which are domestic at Czech Republic. However decent amount of orchards with wide varieties of cider apples are growing around the country already so soon it will be a different story. At the moment we are focusing on the already mentioned online shop, setting up legal storage place for "unsold" cider in Czech Republic (which is to be sold but crossing "non existing" EU borders (hee hee hee) as unsold yet) and finding slowly out about all the different payments you need to do for each different country you export to around EU. I thought I've heard something about the free movement of people and things in past but well it seems like the reality is quite different. But lets see. Keep an eye on events which we do near you and if non at your area well get in touch we may be able to arrange something ;-)

Sincerely for Cidrerie Jara,

František Apfelbeck