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1st May celebration in Domažlice.
Orchard at Vicel grazed by sheep.
Judging ciders in Litoměřice.
Some goodies to keep us going during bottling.

What a busy month was it. We have participated at several events, biggest probably being 33rd year of "Zlatá pivní pečeť"/World beer seal which is a beer and cider competition and festival held this year in Litoměřice. Our cider Brut Assemblage 1 2020 has won third place in the category of traditional dry ciders. Twelve competitors in that field, over 1200 samples of drinks over all, I was in the committee of judges for ciders and mineral waters. We were presenting our products at the event later on to both professionals and public and it went well. Next day we were already on our way to Normandie, where with help of Honza, we have managed to arrive with both the old car which went for sale (Peugeot 206 SW) and the new one (VW Sharan), which brought us back home later on. We have been working very hard for several days, transferring and making better order in the distillates to start with. We have transferred all cider for distillation inside of the cider cave, fallowed by cleaned empty cuves which are ready for the next season 2023. The temperature inside of the cave is lower, which is good for cider and also the sun is not damaging the alimentary plastic which the cuves are made from. Like that they can last longer and eventually can be sold for better price because we would be very happy to switch for stainless steel but alas, the price is around 2€ per litre. Just for idea, selling around 150 hl (15 000 l) of IBCs would probably pay at the best a stainless steel container of around 20 hl (2 000 l). Last but not least with help of Honza and Hugo we have bottled micro-cuvée millésime 2022 assemblage 2 which is cider with honey aged for two months in tonneau after young calvados. Taste was good, specific gravity was 1014 so drier brut. This time compared to similar micro-cuvées assemblage 4 and 5, millésime 2019, we did not remove yeast sediment when transferring, hoping that it will develop sparkliness which was considered not sufficient in it's predecessor. There will be one or two cider tasting events in Switzerland before end of the month and we are getting ready for Carnivale Brettanomyces, 15-18th of June in Amsterdam. If all goes well, we will also do an event in Brno in Czech Republic soon but let see. If you know interesting events where we could present and/or sell our products please let us know!

For Cidrerie Jara,

František Algoldor Apfelbeck