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Droplets of honey leaking through the tonneau.
Beginning of brewing chouchen.
Partial crystallization of honey in chouchen on the second day of fermentation.
Yeast sediment after soutirage/transfer of cider for distillation.

The temperatures are going steadily up, millésime 2022, assemblage 1, brut is slowly aging having around one more month to go to be "ready" and recently micro cuvée assemblage 2 "cidre mielé" has joined the aging process (it is cidre with 5% (w/v, weight per volume) of honey added). However that is not all. We have started on 12/5 one more experiment, stronger version of cidre mielé which inspired by the Bretons we call Chouchen. However final name has to be different because of the AOP (Appellation d'Origine Protégée), suggestions appreciated! Most of the honey was used from the local bee keeper Mr. Petrák, the batch is fermenting in the cellar at around 12°C in 60 l glass dame-jeanne. If all goes well bottling time by beginning to mid of June. By the way I've uploaded a picture of the tonneau where the assemblage 2, cidre mielé was aging before. Note the drops at the bottom of the tonneau, they are honey, which somehow diffused/leaked through the planks of the tonneau. Really interesting thing which I've not seen yet, strangely not a single drop of cider got through, just the honey.

Otherwise things are progressing, within this week there will be a Czech business entity created to facilitate the import of Cidrerie Jara products to Czech Republic, where they will have to be sold under another brand name than "cidrerie" because sadly this word has been already taken. Online shop has been created and paid for, basic structure is being build up bit by bit, fingers crossed, next week will be opening date. I do hesitate about the price of ciders there, it should not to be much lower than the resellers offer it for but I do not want to put the price online too high, hard decision to make.

For the ones who do not have still plans for beginning of June, there is an opportunity to spend some working and leisure time in Normandie for the ones interested, leaving date from Czech Republic is most likely to be fifth of June, coming back through Netherlands (14 to 19th of June), arrival to Czech around 21th of June. If you are interested in joining let me know! I would be offering bad&board plus the transport by car in exchange for some four days of work per week or so. This time we would do some shower and toilet build up, cleaning and organization of the cidre cave and related activities.