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Magic mushrooms decoration during CCC 2023 Camp
Ups, super "iced" cider with some snacks
Washing of the tarp from 5x10 tent getting it ready for the season

Greetings to all, after quite busy summer 2023, the autumn is approaching. I wish there were more events which we could attend but still we are short on contacts, plus lots of work needed to be done also on the family house so there is some decent base to operate from at least for now. There are still two events to do this month. Tomorrow on 15th of September since 19h00 there will be cider tasting at Žíznivá Gumovka in České Budějovice, Czech Republic, entrance is donation at your will, sale of products afterwards. This is last event hold in this region till November or so. On 16 and 17th of September we will be presenting our products at Slavnosti Cideru, event which is happening at Radlické kulturní sportovně, Prague, Czech Republic. Please mention it to people who you think may like cider and are around.

During the next week, between 20th to 22nd of September we will hit the road and leave from Czech Republic for France, Normandie to start the harvesting and processing part of the cider season 2023. If you are interested in joining let me know, especially if you would like to hitch the ride. As already mentioned few times, first we will set up ourselves erecting big five on ten tent, put together the kitchen and then do first passage and last cut of the grass. Quite a bit to do, starting one week earlier would be great but alas, we are not masters of all.

Have a great autumn and hopefully we will see with some of you during the season.