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Our rewards from Cider Seal
Participation at Cider World, Frankfurt
Small trip around Frankfurt
At the Náplavka with our new parasol

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Greetings to all,

the last news were about what was going on with us during the last year and at the beginning of this one. This time we will focus on two interesting events, Zlatá Pivní Pečeť at Litoměřice and Cider World at Frankfurt. The first event is the biggest competition in Czech Republic focusing on beers, mineral waters and importantly for us, also on ciders. The event was happening already for thirty fourth time, it is more or less "travelling" around Czech towns and we definitely recommend to visit it. This year, we have sent two samples, brut, assemblage 1, millésime 2022 and micro-cuvée 2, honey, calva, oak barrel, also millésime 2022. It is an honour to announce, that second candidate won silver in it's category of flavoured ciders. The brut 2022 won gold in the main category of traditional ciders, which makes us very happy. During the event and afterwards, we were discussing it's future development and how could we coordinate it with the organizers. The second event worth of your attention is Cider World at Frankfurt. The Czech contingent included three representatives, we traveled together and arrived already on Thursday. Friday was dedicated to professionals, we could taste the best ciders competing and we have participated at the award ceremony (we did not compete ourselves). Later on during the tour, we have visited interesting projects like a restaurant which makes it's own Apfelweine for already more than 150 years and is still owned by the founding family. Then we have visited an "open orchard", which was run by volunteers across all age groups. We have tasted their products, the ones of you, who will participate at our tastings may do the same, it is worth of it. The second day was about tasting variety of ciders from all around Europe and as a guest of honor also from USA. As every year, there was not enough time to taste it all but even like this we got an idea where the community is now.

For the ones who would like to meet us this month, please do check the list of events. We recommend the cidre tasting on 21th in Horšovský Týn or on 23rd in v Medovinárna&Dobrý Cider at Prague.

Enjoy your May and we hope to see you soon!