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Here you can find more info about selling products and services.

General Info

At the moment if you would like to buy some of Cidrerie Jara products or freelance our services you need to get in touch directly, automatic online shopping or freelancing is not set up yet. Below are the steps how to proceed.

  • please check the general info about our entity so you know who we are, what do we do and how, so you understand what we are about
  • have a look on products, millésimes 2019, 2020 (or services, cider presentation, guided tasting "cider flows") which you are interested in. Each product has it's unique name through which it can be identified, it's price, occasional and seasonal discounts are not mentioned in the product description but here.
  • ciders, syrups and vinegars are send in cartons, minimum amount to order is one carton which contains six bottles of 75 cl (for cider)
  • the costs of delivery (from our door to your door) are covered by customers, both private and professional ones
  • we are now testing ordering and selling with frequency of twice per month, aiming on main sending date to be 15th of each month, plus fourteen days for the next one. Due to the issues with transportation system after corona pandemic, we can give you estimations when the shipment should arrive but no guaranties of exact date. For Christmas period more shipping dates will be available.
  • when sure of what you would like to buy, send an email with the list of products and their quantities to: info "you know the sign" and send a copy also to: algoldor "you know the sign"
  • within one week you should receive an answer with details concerning your order : if we have all what you would like to have ready for sending, cost of delivery of your parcel etc. If there is no response please try to get in touch again, maybe sending also message or calling to +33(0)624792288