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In this cider slide presentation, which will take around 45 minutes we will overview the basic info about cider, it's making and dégustation. I'll introduce you to the history, talking a bit about the oldest cider making sources from Roman times and early Middle ages. After I will talk especially about the history of cider making in France up to the modern times but we will touch other regions a bit too. We will move on to the overview of what is so special about cider apples, I'll give you some basics on orchards and their management. Next step will be the harvest and transformation of the apples, manual harvest versus automatic one, different types of presses, cuvage and so on. From here on I will explain the importance of "défécation" or "clarification haute","chapeau brun", importance of soutirage/racking, filtration well conduction of fermentation in general. From the point of view of production last but not least we will talk about bottling and prise de mousse naturelle, dégorement etc. We will conclude the presentation part by basics of dégustation as a preludium to the cider tasting or cider flows if you like.