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Cider flows Experimental at Brewery Čtyrák, České Budějovice 16/11/2022
Pressing together, 10/2022
Little colaborator during he harvest season 2022
Cider flows in progress ...

On 18th of March at 19h00 we would like to invite you to "Cider Flows", cider tasting&sale event which this time will be also accompanied with some culinary refreshments. It will be held at la Vielle École, microbrasserie artisanale l'Apaisée in Thônex next to Genève, Switzerland. We had a chance to visit the venue during one of the 2020 events and it was really cool, very happy to be at the place like this! During the evening we will slowly sample variety of ciders and related products, refreshing also basics of tasting, we will talk about different styles of ciders, methods of production and more. To get your ticket please visit pages of our host. The event will take two hours or slightly over, please come around fifteen minutes in advance. The ciders from Cidrerie Jara will be for sale, if you are in the region it's a great way to get you stocked on high quality product for a while for very friendly prices. We will promote especially millésime 2019, both bruts assemblage 1 and assemblage 3, exra-brut assemblage 2 and selection of micro-cuvés.