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Cidre crown cork&swing top closures


Summer is slowly coming and we are thinking what to do to make our ciders even more appealing to the current and future consumers. As most of you know, we prefer to use a classic corks (40 mm long and 27 mm width in our case from Amorim) and fasten them with muselet. To be honest the main reasons are the "looks" and the mix of recyclable and natural materials. However especially for the micro-cuves, batches up to 1000x bottles but in our case nearly always less, we consider to combine the classic "crown-cork" with it's predecessor swing-top/flip top closure. The main reason is the ability to be able to re-close the bottle simply after opening it without a need for additional special closure. This can be quite handy for some batches, which are quite strong by flavour and may be too much to be drunk by one person at the time. Another reason may be the advantage of being able to re-open the bottles easily and economically if we realize that the fermentation did not go as we wished for, which happens from time to time with smaller batches when we experiment. Unfortunately combination of classic cork and muselet with swing top is not easily possible because the swing-top mechanism is attached by universal ring where the muselet needs to be anchored, alas! Without special bottles made for swing-tops or custom made swing top mechanisms for existing bottles we do not want to risk the leaks. And by the way the body of the swing top closure is from ceramic not plastic as is standard these days for many products. However how to find not just old ones but also new ceramic swing tops for good price is truly a question. Well bit of thinking shared, lets hope that you will appreciate this progress.

PS And for the interested ones the cider on the picture is Cidre traditionnelle, milésime 2019.