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Sha 2017, predecessor of MCH 2022, photo by Sebastian Humbek
Cider Workshop 36c3

Summer is here and fingers crossed it seems like most of the events planned are going to happen. Cidrerie Jara will be present at the May Contain Hackers 2022, MCH2022 which is a hacker camp organized in Netherlands, Zeewolde from 22nd till 26th of July. To a degree we are part of Food Hacking Base, which is a project I, František/Algoldor am involved for over a decade. One of the events on our list is already traditional "Cider Flows", cider tasting event dedicated to a variety of high quality ciders. Also importantly, there will be a stock of ciders available for pick up and sale. People from many hackerspaces and communities all over the Europe are coming and coming back later on having their own transport, so good opportunity to bring some cider home. Well if you are making it to the event or you know someone who is coming and you would like to have some cider, get in touch!