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Summer evening in Brienz


Food Hacking Base (fhb) at MCH2022

Greetings to all, it may seem like Cidrerie Jara went for holidays, long time since the last post for sure but nope, busy busy here. The main event of the summer where we have participated with our ciders is finished and lets say that May Contain Hackers (MCH) 2022 went really nice. Cider Flows, understood cider tasting, was a success, two session, well filled with cider enthusiasts, some products sold, all good. Finally also the cider labels are printed and they should be delivered soon. Slowly but steadily the preparations for the autumn season are on it's way, deciding now if to start at the end of September or beginning of October based on how early the season comes this year and also on when the seasonal contract is over. Otherwise summer goes nicely, hopefully there will be more time for events and selling the cider before the harvest season hits, if anyone is interesting in helping to organize cider tasting at their community, let use know!

Talk to you all soon again,

For Cidrerie Jara,

František Algoldor Apfelbeck