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Čtyrák, Microbrewery of ZF, JCU
That is how +- four tonnes looks like, second pressing, 5/11/2022
We both having snack, her a fly, me pâté

EN The cider season 2022 has entered it's second half nearing it's end. Till know around 10 tonnes of apples were harvested, 65 hl (6 500 l) of moût pressed, they are in the stage of active fermentation and over 170 hl (17 000 l) of cider from last season 2021 was distilled giving over 1 100 l of 68% distillate. Second passage of the orchards is on it's way. Estimated by current development the end of the harvest and transformation part of the 2022 season should be by end of November.

On 16th of November we invite you to "Cider Flows", cider tasting&sale event held in "Čtyrák", University Microbrewery of JCU in Na Sádkách, České Budějovice, Czech Republic. The tasting will start at 19h00, entrance is donation at your will no one turned away for lack of funds. The ciders from Cidrerie Jara will be for sale, if you are in the region it's a great way to get part of your Christmas presents sorted still for old prices. If you intent to buy more than two cartons or so please get in touch in advance so we are stocked. If you plan to come it would be nice if you could sign in here, so we have an idea about numbers but it's not necessary, the capacity is up to thirty people.