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Cidre for distillation close up JS, May 2022

In order to fulfill a vision, realistic planning is important. Having an idea what should be achieved in the course of the year, step by step, helps in order to keep the direction, decreases the risk of wavering and allows friends and people who like the idea to support it. So after bit of philosophy, what are the daily chores of cidrerie Jara for 2023? The main targets for 2023 is to increase promotion of Cidrerie Jara and sale of it's products, to process over 20, preferably over 30 tonnes of apples during the autumn 2023 harvest season, covering spending for 2022, building up budget for 2023 season, and pay between 5 000 to 10 000 € of debts at least. We plan in average at least one or rather two cider tastings per month. From spring on we plan to do minimum one market per month and from time to time attend big events like festivals and of course cider related happenings. It may have some delay, but since February the basic online shop should be functioning and once per month orders send around Central Europe and parts of EU, delivery costs covered by client. It should be kept in mind, that at least till late spring I, František, have to work in part-time job at least 80% maybe more to earn money to support the cider related activities, therefore time will be sparse. If things go well, the majority of the time during summer will be dedicated to the cider project, latest by second half of August and rest of the year it will be the main focus. The idea is that every year more time and energy will be dedicated to the cider project till the financial situation allows to focus on it completely throughout the year. It is not sure if all this will be achieved within 2023, it should thourgh within 2024 latest. This is a short and simple overview of the goals for this year, more will be summarized for the next newsletter planned for February or March where we will talk more about numbers.

Thank you for your continuous support of Cidrerie Jara,