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Bottling millésime 2020

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Bottling is here again, this Friday, Saturday and Sunday (possibly Monday) everybody is welcome to get a unique experience! The densities were checked last Sunday and voila the fermentation this year went bit faster than expected, somehow it seems that the autumns and winters are getting warmer. Well things are as they are, thankfully the densities are still high enough for bottling as brut, 1013 or 1014 when the assemblage is done. Luckily ordering bottles, bouchons and capsules worked out too. Apologies for not announcing this activity earlier as I usually do so some of you could come and join but it was previewed to be done between beginning and end of March. If all goes well by Sunday there should be around 2 500 or so of 75 cl of méthode traditionelle blanch with bouchons, 27 mm Amorim bottled. Well fingers crossed! The good thing about bottling now is that the conditions for the prise de mousse naturelle (secondary fermentation for fizzyness done in the bottle) are going to be very good, for four months the temperatures should be between 8°C to 10°C, especially the first two months are specially important. So big weekend is coming, if all goes well the cider millésime 2022 will be on it's way to become another "precious" awaiting judgment of your taste buds!


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