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Cider brut, assemblage 1, millésime 2022 bottled!
In the process of bottling.
Building the house of carts, seven floors of bottles.

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First of all, the main bottling is done, taddaaa! With the help of Lydia, we have bottled around 2300 of 75 cl of brut 2022 assemblage 1, all bottled in méthode traditionelle blanche/clear bottles. The specific density of this assemblage was 1014, which is rather on the drier side for brut, close to the assemblage 3 of millésime 2019. However, the composition of apples from Cotentin and a smaller amount from Calvados should make the flavour profile slightly less astringent, closer to brut assemblage 1 from 2020. The brut 2020 was however bottled at higher specific density, so it was sweeter. There are also 220 l of assemblage 1 aging in an oak barrel after pommeau with an extra 5% (w/v) of honey infusion which should be ready for bottling around the end of March as a micro-cuvée assemblage 2. At the moment we are preparing for promoting and commercialization of Cidrerie Jara products. If you have any suggestions for interesting events in your area or internationally, please let us know. Cider tastings, festivals or markets, all those are of interest. One event already planned is Cider Flows in Genève on 18th of March, with local artisanal beer brewer Xavier and his team. Importantly, if you would like to have cider delivered within the EU, let us know. The list of products and services is here. Last but not least, both Cidrerie Jara's newsletter and my newsletter will be posted within next week, so I hope you will enjoy!

For Cidrerie Jara,

František Algoldor Apfelbeck