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Kvasírna Jara, Farmers Market at Náplavka.

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Greetings to all, The main announcements in this monthly news letter are opening of our online shop, discount period for March 2024, increase of direct sale prices and long term customer prices for rest of the year and planning of the business and study trip to Japan and Korea in the May 2024. Recommended event is Cidershow 2024 in Prague.

During this month, March, we will have special promotional sale as we did also during previous years around these dates. It will happen at our newly opened online shop. Please have a look and "test it" during this period to get your ciders and vinegar for advantageous prices. With exception of March 2024 the majority of online prices will be the same as during 2023, 12€ for standard batches and 18€ for micro-cuvées, plus cost of shipping. Please note, that we will be increasing prices for long term customers and during our direct sales at the markets and tasting events. They will increase from 8€ to 10€ for standard batches and from 12 to 15€ for micro-cuvées, plus cost of shipping where applicable. For people helping us to organize events we will keep some favourable options as we did before. Because we would like our customers to stay, it is important to have our ciders accessible, so March this years is the best month to order! After discussion, products can be delivered in batches over the year and after also paid in split payments if necessary. The main reasons for sales during February and/or March period are still the same. We need to get money to pay for costs of 2023 harvest and processing season, bottling and distillation and of course, keeping favourable options for long term customers. We have increased above mentioned prices because the profit became to low due to taxes, transportation costs and inflation. It is highly likely that next year we will increase professional prices per one euro and online prices by two, it would be three years since the last increase. We plan long term for the sale month, February or March to stay. We are opened to alternative or additional options how to keep our ciders and other products accessible. One of them which we consider, is to create one batch per year of 1000-2000 of 75cl bottles and have it for lower price till it is sold out. However this year we do not bottle. If you have other ides, please get in touch, this is sensitive and important part of this project, we want you to stay.

If you are into cider tastings and you would like to organize event with us, please let us know. For March it is mostly too late, April is very busy and during first half of May we will be in Korea and Japan trying to make opening for selling our ciders there. Also I, František would like to visit country, Korea, where I spent decent amount of my life. Any hints for places to do tastings, presentations and professional to invite are welcome!

If you have time please check out events below where we plan to be, the list is quite long, we are busy. Special attention should be paid to Cidershow 2024, which happens in Prague on 21th of March and is one of the biggest cider events in Czech Republic.