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Cider Flows in Medovinárna&Dobrý Cider
Presenting and selling at the yearly "Jarmark" on the castle Kozel

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Greetings to all,

Today we are going to present to you a summary of our yearly news letter. It is rather informative but well it is kind of it's purpose. Enjoy!

Cidrerie Jara or Kvasírna Jara is a commercial project focused on traditional and natural way of production, sale and promotion of high quality cider and related products. During 2023 we have harvested and processed over 23 tonnes of apples resulting in around 170 hl (17 000 l) of apple juice/moût. Due to warm autumn and winter, majority of the cider has over fermented to be suitable to be bottled as brut and will be distilled instead except a special experiment would work out at least for thousand bottles or so. We hope you will be patient enough to wait for few years to appreciate our aged distillates and pommeau, thank you. Small part will be turned into vinegar which are getting more and more popular due to their complex flavour and strength. Because we love to experiment and we also want to have at least some fresh cider of millésime 2023 for you we will flavour and sweeten by honey our best cuvées and transfer them into kegs. Fingers crossed, it will be our first time, we hope you will like it. To ensure that next season, 2024, we can bottle cider brut to avoid rupture of our stock, we plan to move part of the production to Czech Republic where it is colder. We will be keeping astringent flavour profile which our customers find so unique and appreciate. Concerning our commercial activities they have focused last year on promotion and sales especially within Czech Republic and it worked. Most easy to access were local farmers markets. Because of the lack of contacts and history in the country we did not have enough openings at the beginning, however for the year 2024 we have more business opportunities at events than we can cover. Our main long term goal is still b2b (business to business) sales and through our e-shop (which is still under construction but will live here). We are selling now in first three shops and we hope for more than twenty by the end of the year at least. We are currently tuning our online shop. If you like this project, please do check it out and use it! We have discount prices till end of April. If you like, you can also donate as during previous years, we appreciate your gesture very much. We estimate, that within 2024 we will be able to generate sufficient profit to cover living expenses of one person, owner&producer František Apfelbeck. We should also cover costs of transformation and production of 2024 season projected for 20 tonnes. We would like the project to generate few to several thousands of euro profit to start to pay debts accumulated from previous years when starting the business. To achieve these goals our yearly sales should be over 30 000€. Overall projections are good, the major issues to overcome are increasing our sales, especially through b2b and online shop and bottle over 4 000 of 75 cl bottles of brut millésime 2024.