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This is the bigger caravan, Dethleffs Rondo
And the little one from seventies, that one was my base till now

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This trip will start with leaving Czech Republic on 28th of July for Normandie and coming back on 5th or 6th of August. We will be passing Germany driving through Frankfurt, Köln, Achen, Belgium and North of France. It is possible to pick up people on the road. One or two volunteers would be optimal, three max.

Main focus of this stay is work on "wooden structures". We would like to:

  • build wooden shelving structure in the atelier cidricole (pallets combined with beams, around three meters sixty long (EU 2 pallet) and thee meters high, three to four levels)
  • repair one of the wings of the main doors to the atelier (around 2.5 on 4 m)
  • repairing part of the roof's framework of the little shed near by where cider from seasons 2017 and 2018 is stocked (plus door repair there)
  • construction of small shower (with option for hot water, gas heater) and toilet.

If there is more time, outside shell of the caravans should be cleaned and part of the seams should be sealed with silicon. There is also work in the orchards, cutting out some bushes with thorns, blackberries and nettles, to make the final cut around mid of September more easy. It is not likely that we will manage to do all of the above in two people, maybe in three but not sure. More done now, less to do just before season starting.

If you are interested in joining, please let me know (Algoldor)! So far one volunteer is in. Concerning rewards as usual, transport there and back (dropping people on the way back where needed is doable as long as it is not big D-tour), bed&board and of course some cider and vinegar. Of course during our stay we will be tasting variety of ciders and related products, it is not only pleasure but also important educational part of the stay.