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Apple spirit

Today we are presenting our plan or "road map" for 2022 cider season. You can check what we are up to and if you like, you can support us by joining. Main points are keeping our production resources, equip better for preparation of the orchards grounds for harvest, improve electricity and lights in the atelier, make more space by reorganization and distillation of cider from 2022 and set up decent conditions for people joining up for the season. Starting date of the season is set to 5th of October and ending date to 6th of December. Optimal time for help are mid of October till mid of November, sooner, the conditions will be doable but rustic and later on it would be nice to have you too but keep in mind that the weather is likely to be less friendly. You are welcome to have a look on the more detailed info above, if interested get in touch and hopefully see you there!