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Vltava river, Prague 8/12/2022
Vltava, Hradčany castle, Prague 8/12/2022
Pouring cider at Cider Flows at Brmlab
Cider selection Brmlab 8/12/2022
Cidrerie Jara Business Card 2022

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Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

Today we would like to wish you all the best in your lives and peaceful enjoyment of the Christmas and happy New Year. Another year has passed. If you would like to know what has been happening with our project, you can have a look into our news section. Harvest part of the 2022 season has ended on 25th of November and resulted in 12 tonnes of hand picked apples processed into 94 hl (9 400 l) of moût which is now slowly fermenting, nothing added to the orchards, apples or moût. If the weather allows and it is cold enough, around 20 hl may be bottled as brut and variety of micro-cuves by the spring 2023. In the meanwhile the cider tasting events, cider flows, are now happening at least once per month if not twice, connected with sale of our products. Last two were organized in Čtyrák, University Microbrewery of JCU in České Budějovice and in hackerspace Brmlab in Prague. If you would like to host or help us find a host for the event please let us know (info "you know the sign" Bottles are finally sold with proper labels, nicely designed business cards given away. Starting next year, hopefully January, we will accept orders and send our products within EU to customers once per month by delivery service, costs of delivery paid by customers. If all goes well concerning organization, our products will be available from January through our importer also in Switzerland.

Once more all the best, we hope you have enjoyed our activities, style and products in 2022 and you will keep doing so in 2023!

Sincerely for Cidrerie Jara,

František Algoldor Apfelbeck