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Tasting in Thônex, Genève with the brewery l'Apaisée
Stibralova Vila, foto - Jiří Matějíček
Carrents before pruning
Carrents after pruning

On the road again !

With some hesitations, one step forward and two back, the spring seems to slowly claim these lands. Around this period of year we get fresh wind "in our sales" and new vigour in our veins, the outdoor starts to call and the roads to somewhere far are becoming more and more attractive. It seems very suitable period of year for preparations and rehearsals for the "main show", summer season. For us, cidries, it means to make slowly the world to remember again, how "amazingly" refreshing our products are. Of course we offer also the ones to slow you nicely down, before the bedtime, well we have it all! And what we don't, we will just make, now worries, you know the story ;-). Outdoor markets are starting to be bit more alive, for the tasting events we can stay sometimes outside, it is time to get ready. If you have tips where we could organize cider tastings at your region or visit nice markets to sell, let us know! The preparations take week or two, people should know at least three weeks in advance, so we are talking already about second half of April if we set up something now. Our goal is to have at least two to four tasting events each month with schedules set and confirmed two months in advance. April is still empty, ups so please spread the word, let us know, we are ready! Just to remind you, next Saturday we are having cider tasting in Thônex, Genève at Vielle École (here is the Facebook event) and on 30th of March we will taste at Stibralova Vila in Prague. We have still some empty spots at both events. I you plan to visit Cider Show in Prague on 28th of March, please pass by and say hi !

All the best and don't forget to take care about your gardens. If all goes well, for micro-cuvées framboise (raspberry) and red-current we may have at least partly our own fruits. Currents are already pruned and raspberries needs to be transplanted and made into a small plantation.

Enjoy and get some fresh spring sun you cave trolls ! Preferably when pouring our cider.