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Here you can find the archive of Cidrerie Jara news.

News 12/3/2023

On the road again !

News 22/2/2023

Promotion and sale!

News 8/2/2023

Bottling time is here again!

News 15/1/2023

New Year's Resolutions

News 18/12/2022

Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

News 27/11/2022

Harvest season finishing&Cider Flows in Prague!

News 09/11/2022

Cider tasting, season nearing it's end

News 30/10/2022

First pressing and evaluation of the season

News 14/10/2022

The show is on!

News 16/9/2022

"Roadmap" for 2022 Cider Season, autumn part

News 31/8/2022

Cider events and sale planning, autumn season is nearly here, who is coming?

News 12/8/2022

Cidrerie Jara at MCH2022, summer going on, preparations for the autumn harvest and transformation season

News 30/6/2022

Cidrerie Jara at MCH 2022 as part of Food Hacking Base

News 15/6/2022

Microcuves and swing top

News 3/6/2022

Business trip to France

News 12/5/2022

Invitation to the Tour de Fruit, Saumur, France 26th-27th of May 2022

News 3/5/2022

Interesting book on cider apple varieties

News 25/4/2022

Labels, promotion etc.

News 22/9/2021

Overview of Cider Tour 2021