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Cider flows tasting event at Chaos Computer Club Camp 2023
Enjoyment of cider in Brienz, Switzerland.
Orchard at Vicel grazed by sheep.
CiderShow 2023, Prague
Building the house of carts, seven floors of bottles.

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Here you can find the archive of Cidrerie Jara news.

News 1/10/2023

2023 Cidre season has started, come and join!

News 14/9/2023

Last events in Czech, leaving for Normandie for Cider season 2023

News 25/8/2023

From event to event, busy summer

News 17/7/2023

Volunteer page and an audio education!

News 5/7/2023

Tiny bit of education

News 22/6/2023

Summer is here, so are we!

News 22/5/2023

Little experiment ...

News 7/5/2023

Last bottling, summer event planning.

News 4/4/2023

Cidrerie Jara News Letter

News 12/3/2023

On the road again !

News 22/2/2023

Promotion and sale!

News 8/2/2023

Bottling time is here again!

News 15/1/2023

New Year's Resolutions

News 18/12/2022

Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

News 27/11/2022

Harvest season finishing&Cider Flows in Prague!

News 09/11/2022

Cider tasting, season nearing it's end

News 30/10/2022

First pressing and evaluation of the season

News 14/10/2022

The show is on!

News 16/9/2022

"Roadmap" for 2022 Cider Season, autumn part

News 31/8/2022

Cider events and sale planning, autumn season is nearly here, who is coming?

News 12/8/2022

Cidrerie Jara at MCH2022, summer going on, preparations for the autumn harvest and transformation season

News 30/6/2022

Cidrerie Jara at MCH 2022 as part of Food Hacking Base

News 15/6/2022

Microcuves and swing top

News 3/6/2022

Business trip to France

News 12/5/2022

Invitation to the Tour de Fruit, Saumur, France 26th-27th of May 2022

News 3/5/2022

Interesting book on cider apple varieties

News 25/4/2022

Labels, promotion etc.

News 22/9/2021

Overview of Cider Tour 2021